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Powher – 2 Month Supply

Included: x2 Powher

Conquer your goals with a supplement that has been especially formulated for women.

Powher encourages improved motivation and endurance capacity without the risk of unpleasant side effects nor the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’.

Before After Mary

Mary, England

Powher was a complete godsend!! Not only are all the ingredients natural, but there are no harmful stimulants either.

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Why Powher?

Leanbean was designed for female fitness models looking for an added edge to help them burn fat faster. We quickly found however that it was incredibly popular with huge numbers of real women too.

You might be wondering what makes Leanbean different?

The answer is simple…

It is the first fat burner to be properly formulated for women.

Get 30 days of Leanbean today and start experiencing the benefits of some of nature’s most effective fat burning ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine in its natural form is known to improve your focus and concentration. It has also been specifically proven to boost alertness during tasks.

Studies have found that alertness and work output improved after caffeine supplementation, due to a marked improvement in vigilance and increased ability to exert sustained attention.


ENXTRA is a proprietary extract of Alpinia Galanga. This natural herb belongs to the Ginger family and is found in the tropical areas of Asia.

When extracted it provides one of the most premium pre-workout ingredients on the market, as a result you won’t find in in the vast majority of supplements on the market.

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B5

Powher includes a potent blend of the Vitmain B complex including; Pantothenic acid (B5) as well as Pyridoxine (B6) and Cyanocobalamin (B12).

Maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin B is crucial for healthy energy levels and effective physical performance.

Mary, UK

Mary, UK

“Powher was a complete godsend!! Not only are all the ingredients natural, but there are no harmful stimulants either.”

Opening Speech Mark

I’ve been edgy about trying pre workouts previously as all the ones I’ve come across always seem to be full of caffeine and other stimulants. What’s more they always look so masculine and the names are usually aggressive and kind of off putting.

I’d been on lookout for a clean pre-workout to help with my weight loss goals, most importantly I wanted something that wouldn’t leave me feeling weird, or dripping with sweat before my workout was even underway! (Something I’d found with some previous products I’d bought).

Powher was a complete godsend!! Not only are all the ingredients natural, but there are no harmful stimulants either. In terms of my training, I’ve never felt so motivated and fit during my workouts. And the extra strength really showed during the last 10-15 minutes of a session when I’d usually be starting to struggle.

The taste was also delicious and fresh, way better than the fake tasting energy drinks I’ve had before. And it’s also super low calories too which is good to know.

Closing Speech Marks

All in all, I would really recommend Powher if you are finding it difficult to get results in the gym. My exercise routine befitted massively mainly due to the fact that I was way more myself more motivated to workout in the first place. The results speak for themselves!

* Disclaimer:

All testimonials are from genuine customers. Results will vary depending on the individual. Products are intended to be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime.


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