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Our Mission.

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to come at a cost. Our objective it’s to provide natural solutions that suit the demands of modern women. Natural formulas that fit into your plan, and help your body deliver results quicker than ever before
Perhaps the single most important thing when buying health and beauty supplements is the knowledge that they have been made to the highest available standards. That’s why both our products are made in FDA registered facilities and meet strict GMP manufacturing criteria, to ensure you get the very best product possible.
All our formulas include clinically proven ingredients that are low in stimulants! Everything we make is Vegan friendly, Non GMO, and gluten free making them amongst the most accessible performance boosters on the market.

Our Products.

Leanbean is a natural supplement that delivers elite performance without harsh stimulants. It has been designed exclusively for women who are looking to take their goals to the next level.
Leanbean is currently produced in the UK and US, and is made in FDA registered facilities in line with Good Manufacturing Practice. Our bespoke formula is vegan-friendly and includes a premium blend of plant extracts and spices as well as essential vitamins and minerals.
Powher includes a number of speciality ingredients you won’t find in cheap, mass-produced pre-workouts. These unique compounds have been developed and clinically tested to truly optimise workout performance. When combined they work together to create a stable supply of energy that doesn’t come with the price of side effects.
All of this is delivered in one tasty, ten gram serving each day. At just 3g of carbs, Powher is a health-boosting snack that comes with the added bonus of being totally guilt free.
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